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Have you ever had a complicated decision to make for your business? Like how many employees to hire or how to scale production? If your ad campaign will drive sales or not? Did you end up making decisions based on a “hunch” that seemed correct?

I can sense the pain you felt caused by the unlucky outcome of your decision.

Business executives like YOU, frequently struggle with hard problems all the time. And, at one time or another, you wish for a simpler approach.

The painful fact is that hard decisions are exactly that — hard. There’s no escaping the problem: the only solution is “strategic decision making based on statistical data analysis” 

Large scale enterprises like Amazon, Google, Boeing, Coca Cola, Netflix, and many others follow the same approach to stay ahead of their competition — and you can finally do for yourself — they harness the power of Advanced Statistical Analysis.

lean six sigma and statistical analysis

These multi-billion-dollar corporations collect and analyze massive troves of data to make core business decisions rather than “going with gut.”

The result? High operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, risk management, huge profit and magnificent revenue levels.

So, my fellow business executives, running a business on gut feeling or imitating other competitors no longer suffices.

It’s time to play a Big Game – Use Applied Business Statistics Methods to Analyze your company’s Big Data and make strategic decisions.

You can’t afford not to be data-centric in your business decisions when you’re sitting on piles of data. These are the stories that your potential customers are trying to tell you.

Applied Business Statistics helps c-suite executives to analyze Big Data more efficiently. 

Organizations that use applied business statistics approaches to business analytics are 23x more likely to acquire new customers, 6x more likely to retain those customers, and 19x more likely to be profitable.

Gaining a firm understanding of Applied Business Statistics is one of the first steps to unlocking the power of business analytics. With this knowledge, you can make sense of your data, project future outcomes, make more informed decisions, and eventually generate humongous profits like mega corporations.

I’m excited to introduce you to

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics.

The Journal covers foundational through advanced Applied Business Statistics and data analysis techniques for managers, business owners and executives. The Journal will equip you with a working understanding of advanced statistical research and the essential tools needed to make better business decisions in uncertain circumstances, to maximize growth and profit. The Journal is applicable to virtually every conceivable business situation, from performing a statistical analysis of an email campaign, to deciding if a holiday sale is warranted.

Learn to make better business decisions with Applied Business Statistics

As a business owner, you must agree that business decisions are more complex than ever.  And due to current uncertainties, their outcomes can be catastrophic, or when done right, take your growth to the next level.

Here decision analysis (one of the core tools of Applied Business Statistics) comes to the rescue. Some of the largest firms including General Motors, Chevron, and Apple (to name a few) make use of decision analysis to get a competitive advantage.

Decision analysis provides guidance for systematic thinking and helps you make effective decisions in difficult situations to drive a positive outcome.  Data analysis makes decision making FAR more easy – in many cases, the results of the analysis will tell you exactly what to do.

Decision analysis will help you deeply analyze the problems you’re more likely to face, and thus improve your chances of enjoying a better outcome; and reduce the chance to experience unpleasant surprises.

Drive Better Business Performance with Statistical Data Analysis!

The world has now become more data-driven and even small to medium sized firms have started paying closer attention to data and analytics. With an understanding of statistical analysis, you will be able to forecast sales numbers, evaluate production methods, develop short- and long-term strategies, build organizational structure, and much more. It can also help you improve the process of attracting and retaining new talent.

By putting data analysis to use, you can:

  • Identify hidden inefficiencies in existing structures
  • Quantify, measure and predict risk.
  • improve customer behavior by looking at their buying patterns
  • Analyze data and costs, recognize spending trends and extrapolate insights about potential future costs to limit spending and cut waste.
  • Dive deep into inventory management, procurement, and logistics.
applied business statistics

The Powerful Statistical Analysis Tool of Lean Six Sigma!

The Lean methodology focuses on identifying and eliminating all waste in your organization and increasing process speed.

The Six Sigma methodology helps business managers to improve process performance by minimizing variation and causes of defects. It is based on two approaches in problem analysis and solution activities: DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify).

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is an organization-wide operational philosophy that combines Lean methods and the Six Sigma approaches to eliminate organizational wastes (such as defects, inventory, transportation, overproduction, overprocessing, underutilized employees, behavior waste, etc.). It also enables your business to deliver goods and services at a rate of 3.4 DPMO which stands for defects per million opportunities.

When you integrate Lean Six sigma with your organization’s strategic plan, you’ll achieve sustained strategic results and set a path to business excellence.

You can’t neglect this golden opportunity that will set your business up for big success.

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When you consider that a single analysis of just one group of your data might save or make your company thousands of dollars, your Journal subscription could pay for itself in very short order.

Unlock the secrets of statistics at these low prices, then get ready to drive your business to a whole new level of growth, profit and success.

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Michael J. Anderson

Founder/Publisher, The Journal of Applied Business Statistics

Michael J. Anderson is a serial entrepreneur whose experience ranges from running a sheet metal enterprise to operating a day spa. He has also worked as a structural engineer in several architectural and engineering firms and managed engineering departments. Mr. Anderson has used statistical analysis in all of his businesses, as well as consultation work for others.

After he discovered that the vast majority of small and medium sized businesses do not utilize statistical analysis in their organizations – leaving thousands of dollars on the table – it became his passion to help business owners and managers unlock the potential of data analysis, and thus this journal was born.

Edward ’Rick” Florancic.
Co-owner/Publisher, The Journal of Applied Business Statistics

Edward ’Rick” Florancic is a highly trained statistician and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional. Rick has been a Senior Manager for two Fortune 500 corporations for over 35 years, and a Lean Six Sigma Consultant over the past 15 years. As a Consultant, Rick has saved companies over $53M by driving improved profit, improved revenue, and by reducing their cost structure. Lean Six Sigma is Rick’s passion, and he wants his passion to work for you.