Would you drive your car with a blindfold on? Of course not! Yet many business owners are driving blind when it comes to running their enterprise efficiently and effectively.

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Here’s how to avoid this common “business pothole” — and put your company in the fast lane to greater success.

Dear Fellow Business Leader:

It’s not easy to drive a business to success these days. After all, there are so many roadblocks. Cash flow hurdles. Supply chain troubles. Employee issues. And marketing issues — to name a few.

Some days, when one problem is solved, another surfaces.
So, what do you do? Most business owners and their management team try their best to stay on top of things and solve problems on the fly. And your team no doubt uses tools like spreadsheets to track, analyze and improve performance.

But a few smart managers and executives are way ahead of the pack. They’ve tapped into a secret that mammoth, multi-billion dollar companies use to analyze problems.

What’s their secret? These titans of industry and technology are using a pair of scientifically-proven methods to tackle problems, test hypotheses, enhance performance, and boost profits.

These larger companies know full well that there is a time to follow your gut…and a time to trust the numbers.

What these industry giants have been doing for years — and what you can finally do for yourself — is to harness the power of Statistical Analysis.

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I can almost hear you thinking: “Data analysis is just fine and dandy for billion-dollar companies with millions of dollars at the ready to throw at problems. But I live in the real world — where time is finite and company resources are precious!”

You are half right. Few of us have endless resources and budgets and time. But now you don’t have to. Thanks to a resource that is specifically designed for the unique needs of small-to-medium size businesses — available to you at an affordable price. You can plug into these powerful techniques — and put them to work right away without breaking the bank!

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics includes basic and advanced data analysis techniques for business owners, executives, and managers. And by the way…you don’t have to be a math guru!

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics simplifies statistical analysis so that business people can use it to make a business more profitable — and help it grow — even if they haven’t taken a math or statistics class since they left school.

The Journal provides ideas and tools to help business leaders tackle the worries that keep them up at night:

  • Cash flow issues
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Slower than expected growth
  • Low profitability
  • Concerns about whether products or services are priced correctly.
  • Worries about employee productivity and absenteeism
  • Defusing the impact of the Great Resignation

To address these concerns and many more, subscribe to The Journal of Applied Business Statistics!

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics will equip you with a working understanding of advanced statistical research and the essential tools needed to make sound business decisions in uncertain circumstances.

Every issue of the Journal is packed with information designed to give business leaders the knowledge, tools and techniques that lead to a more efficient, profitable operation.  An understanding of applied business statistics will help you monitor business trends, set correct prices, and respond to changing consumer demands.

Your Journal subscription will help you learn key theories and statistical topics — from basic to advanced levels. Get up to speed with cutting-edge research, data, surveys, and methods. You will also become acquainted with a variety of analytical tools, such as:

  • Probability
  • Sampling
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Regression Analysis
  • And much more
applied business statistics

Applied Business Statistics is a powerful growth tool!

Journal subscribers will also learn how to apply these tools of analysis to the entire process of Lean Six Sigma (LSS). LSS helps all types of businesses enhance customer value by boosting operational efficiencies and improving quality standards. Indeed, it is one of the most powerful process improvement methodologies available. LSS obliterates problems by removing waste and process inefficiencies — helping you respond effectively to customer needs. Equally exciting, Lean Six Sigma facilitates a corporate culture of continuous improvement.

Month after month, The Journal of Applied Business Statistics provides a complete course in Lean Six Sigma fundamentals.

How to know if The Journal of Applied Business Statistics is right for you.

The articles in the Journal are geared for readers who want to understand the scope of applied statistics in business — whether or not they are experts in computing. Along with each topic, you will be provided with fully functional Excel files. Plug in specific data from your business and get results in an instant!

Is the Journal right for you? Even if you have zero understanding of statistics but can use a spread sheet, and are willing to invest the necessary time to learn and apply the principles, this publication can pave the way for massive progress in your business.

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Subscriptions to serious financial publications often cost thousands of dollars.  Considering the fact that by implementing one or two statistical techniques can save or make your company thousands of dollars, we believe The Journal would be worth $2500, $3500 or more per year.


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Unlock the secrets of statistics and Lean Six Sigma at these low prices. Then get ready to drive your business to a whole new level of growth, profit and success.

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