A Message for BUSINESS OWNERS and MANAGERS seeking Increased Profits.

A Message for BUSINESS OWNERS and MANAGERS seeking Increased Profits.

Put the “secret power” of multi-billion-dollar corporations to work for you —for bigger sales, better productivity, and increased ROI.

How do you make wise business decisions?

The answer seems obvious: In order to make smart decisions, you need reliable information.

But how do you find that information? And how do you know you can trust it?

You no doubt have a team seeking answers to these vital questions. But even the smartest, most diligent employees need something more to do great work: They need the right tools.

And one area where having the right tools is critical, is when it comes to data analysis.

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Welcome to the Journal of Applied Business Statistics. A step-by-step method for making better business decisions.

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If you’re anxious to see your business grow faster…experience a more streamlined operation…and achieve the kind of success you’ve worked hard to achieve…prepare to have your eyes opened.

As a subscriber to the Journal of Applied Business Statistics, you’ll gain access to a set of powerful tools. Tools that will guide you toward better day-to-day decisions. Once mastered, these tools will improve your ROI — and help send your business to new levels of profit and success.

Play an active role in growing your business.

Applying the techniques you’ll learn in the Journal, we have helped…

  • A grocery chain saved $900,000 in workman’s compensation insurance by using statistical methods.
  • A company that was getting poor results on its email marketing increased results by up to 253% on all future ad campaigns.
  • These two examples – plus dozens more – demonstrate the bottom-line-boosting power of statistical analysis.

You might be thinking: “Only the huge industry titans (Amazon, Google, Coca Cola, etc.) can afford to do statistical analysis like this.”

While that may have been true in the past, The Journal of Applied Business Statistics gives you the tools and information that the biggest corporations on earth use to analyze data – and conquer the world of business.

You might also be wondering: “This sounds complicated. Our team lives in the real world – not some ivory tower in academia.”

Fortunately, The Journal was created by people who live in the real world of business. We take our subscribers by the hand and explain how to use these unmatched tools – in a straightforward, step-by-step way.

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In today’s hyper-competitive environment, you can’t afford not to master your data!

secrets to making business decisions that get results

If you want to keep up with your competition, or better yet, blow them away, you MUST analyze your data. Large corporations know that the only way to make sound business decisions, is with the insights that their data provides. Now, it’s your turn!

The journey to increased profits begins here!
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“This Journal will be incredibly helpful for businesses of all kinds. The understanding and interpretation of data would be so valuable in making business decisions. It seems to me that so many business owners could use the help of data analysis presented in the Journal to make decisions in so many areas.”

~ Susanna B., Business Owner/Executive