Michael J. Anderson is a serial entrepreneur whose experience ranges from running a sheet metal shop to operating a day spa. He has also worked as a structural engineer in several architectural and engineering firms. Mr. Anderson has used statistical analysis in all of his businesses, as well as consultation work for others.

Here is his story…

About 10 years ago, while I was finishing up my Master’s degree, I discovered my intense interest in the business applications of statistics. I became curious to see how others applied statistical analysis into their businesses. I scoured the internet looking for any journal or magazine, that was written specifically for business owners, executives, and managers.

The result? I found nothing except extremely advanced journals, which are definitely not suited for the average business owner. Then the lightbulb came on: What if there was a journal that unlocked the potential of data analysis — making it easy for business owners and managers to understand and implement?

After speaking with countless business owners and managers, I knew that the vast majority were simply not utilizing statistical analysis in their businesses. This fact saddened me deeply, for I knew they were leaving thousands of dollars in revenue and profit on the table.

I committed to filling this need by creating The Journal of Applied Business Statistics. My number one motivation was to help others grow their companies. Specifically, to assist small-to-medium- sized companies, who do not have the resources or manpower to employ their own statisticians as do large corporations. During the ensuing years I penciled out ideas for content and structure, and I also met with magazine advisors. In addition, I had the good fortune to meet an executive who used Lean Six Sigma (LSS) at his firm. He showed me that the exact statistical methods that are in The Journal, are critical to the statistical application of LSS.

I hope you find this journal rich with information that you can use to immediately improve your bottom line, and experience prosperity and a balanced work/life.”

~ Michael J. Anderson, Founder/Publisher