Mission Statement

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics is guided by a deep desire to help small to medium sized businesses grow utilizing statistical analysis – we understand that pouring over data can be boring or even scary for many owners. We are committed to providing material that is advanced in scope, while making it digestible, and presented in layman’s terms.

It’s surprising, but there simply isn’t another publication dedicated to applied statistics for business applications. Therefore, we are firmly resolved to provide material that is current, and with real world usefulness.

Our goal is to take the reader on an educational journey. Readers will incrementally increase knowledge and techniques, step by step. This skill-building path will lead to better business decisions, and with an end result of Success!

About the journal

The Journal of Applied Business Statistics is a monthly electronic publication, that will take the reader from introductory through intermediate levels of applied statistics. But it won’t stop there. Once this foundation is laid, more advanced topics will be explored in order to bring your decision making prowess to a stratospheric level.

The journal will also take the reader through the highly advanced applied statistical method of Lean Six Sigma, which has been used for business growth and improvement for over a half century. With your statistical knowledge in hand, we will take you through the intermediate Green Belt level. After the foundation is laid, the information will be at the advanced Black Belt level.

Each month delivered to your email inbox…

  • You will receive advanced data analysis techniques – with each issue building on the previous.
  • Actual Excel files with statistical analysis tools, that you can use to analyze your firm’s actual data.
  • Scientifically-proven methods to tackle problems, test hypotheses, enhance performance, and boost profits.
  • Powerful statistical techniques, to put to work right away without breaking the bank!
  • The entire Lean Six Sigma process at the Green Belt Level — with supplementary Black Belt level materials.
    • Coming Soon: Green Belt certification – details to follow.
  • Business decision making techniques utilizing:
    • Probability
    • Forecasting techniques
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Analysis of Variance
    • Regression Analysis
    • And much more

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